Washington DC

Murray Middle School’s Washington DC Trip

Who: All 8th graders without discipline infractions may attend

When:  January 14-19, 2018 – students leave Sunday evening and return early Friday morning – full agenda in application packet

Cost:  $878 Students (4 to room) $955 Parents (2 to room) * final cost may vary slightly due to number of travellers

  • All payments made online  – see packet for payment instructions
  •  Payable in three payments…
  • $300 per person due in October
  • $300 per person due in November
  • Final balance due in December

Download full application packet here

Parent chaperones will be required to travel with students on the bus. No alternate travel plans will be allowed.

All registration and payments will be completed online. Full directions for doing this are in the application packet. Please contact Mr. Moretta ([email protected]) if you have any questions.