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RJ Murray Middle School Faculty and Staff

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Travis Brown – Principal              Esther Seward – Assistant Principal            Chris Cofield – Assistant Principal

Paul Pelletier – Maintenance          Rhonda Ponce – Cafeteria                                Stephanie Fultz – Executive Secretary

Natasha Berry – Dean 6/7               Brandon James – Dean 7/8

Office Staff:

Ms. Anderson – Front office           Ms.Jackson– Computer Operator         Mr. Britton – Tech Specialist

Support Staff:

Tabitha Slaughter – Nurse              Ms. Mayor – Guidance Counselor           Ms. Ukeje – Guidance Counselor                      

Ms. Roberts– Guidance Clerk        Ms. Lucien – Learning Coach                  Ms. Brailsford – Testing Coordinator

Email addresses for teachers can be found in HAC

Language Arts/Reading Department

    Mr. Scott – 6th Grade                     Ms. Wickstrom – 6th grade

Ms.Lapres – 7th grade                    Mr. McNeal – 7th grade

Ms. Pisano – 8th grade                    Ms. White – 8th grade

Math Department

Mr. Gagnon – 6th grade                    Ms. Groleau – 6th grade

Ms. Duell – 7th grade                        Ms. Bowman – 7th grade

   Ms. Burwell – 8th grade             Ms. Kelley – 8th grade                Ms. Brailsford – Geometry

Science Department

        Ms. Blair – 6th grade                       Ms. Patronska – 6th grade

      Ms. Thruston – 7th grade                   Ms. Warrelman – 7th grade

Mr. Saraceni – 8th grade                      Ms. Watson – 8th grade

Social Studies Department

Mr. Kirsimagi – 6th grade                  Ms. Smith – 6th grade

Ms. Kypriss – 7th grade                    Ms. Miller – 7th grade

Mr. Matthews – 8th grade                     Mr. Moretta – 8th grade

SJCCA Electives

Ms. Banton – Art          Ms. Beam – Dance          Ms. Kromhout – Band

Ms. Nance – Drama          Ms. Shore –  Chorus          Ms. Torregrosa – Dance


Ms. Billingsley – PE          Ms Diaz-Barrios – Spanish          Mr. Dunham – PE

Mr. Matthews – STEM          Mr. Paone – Tech/Graphic Design          Mr. Petit – ICT


Ms. Berry           Ms. Blair           Ms.Bozarth           Ms. Duell

Ms. Gorga          Mr. Jackson          Ms. Johnson          Ms. Oliver

Ms. Stoyanova            Ms. Vivaldi          Ms. Walcott

Ms. Arnold – Gifted Consultative Teacher