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    Bulldog Basketball     

For home games, tickets will be sold separately for the girls’ and boys’ and the gym will be cleared out in between games because of capacity.

Depending on the venue for away games, tickets may NOT be sold at the door so please be sure to purchase your tickets using the links below by 3pm on game days.

Staff must show ID at the door for free entry. All other guests and attendees of all ages must purchase a ticket.

Coaches:   Boys –  David Johnson            Girls – Natashia Berry

Basketball Championship vs Landrum Tickets :

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 Playoff  Game Ticket Link 

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    2024 SCHEDULE

Tuesday January 16th                                Thursday January 18th

FCMS @ PBMS                                                            LMS @ MMS

LMS @ GRMS                                                              SPMS @ PBMS

SPMS @ SMS                                                                SMS @ GRMS

MMS-bye                                                                       FCMS-bye

Monday January 22nd                                 Thursday January 25th

SPMS @ FCMS                                                             SMS @ LMS

SMS @ MMS (Game is at SAHS)                              GRMS @ FCMS

GRMS @ PBMS                                                            PBMS @ MMS

LMS-bye                                                                          SPMS-bye

Monday January 29th                                  Thursday February 1st

GRMS @ SPMS                                                             PBMS @ SMS

PBMS @ LMS                                                                MMS @ SPMS

MMS @ FCMS                                                               FCMS @ LMS

SMS-bye                                                                          GRMS-bye

Tuesday February 6th                                 Thursday February 8th

MMS @ GRMS                                                             PBMS @ FCMS

FCMS @ SMS                                                               GRMS @ LMS

LMS @ SPMS                                                                SMS @ SPMS

PBMS-bye                                                                       MMS-bye

Tuesday February 13th                                Thursday February 15th

MMS @ LMS                                                                  FCMS @ SPMS

PBMS @ SPMS                                                              MMS @ SMS

GRMS @ SMS   (FCMS-bye)                                       PBMS @ GRMS   (LMS-bye)

Tuesday February 20th                               Thursday February 22nd

LMS @ SMS                                                                   SPMS @ GRMS

FCMS @ GRMS                                                             LMS @ PBMS

MMS @ PBMS                                                               FCMS @ MMS

SPMS-bye                                                                       SMS-bye

Tuesday February 27th                             Thursday February 29th

SMS @ PBMS                                                                GRMS @ MMS

SPMS @ MMS                                                               SMS @ FCMS

LMS @ FCMS                                                                SPMS @ LMS

GRMS-bye                                                                      PBMS-bye

Tuesday March 5th                                     Thursday March 7th 

PLAYOFF SEMI-FINAL                                   CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES

#1 VS # 4

#2 VS # 3