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The mission of the Murray Middle School Counseling Program is to decrease barriers to academic achievement through student advocacy and to promote student success through a focus on academic achievement, social/personal development, career goals, and multicultural/global development. The program’s ultimate goal is for each student to depart empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to make self-directed, and responsible decisions and to be successful contributors to society.

School Counselors: (click name to email)

Carly Gordon –  Students with last names A-M

Vanessa Mayor –  Students with last names N-Z

Guidance Department:  (click name to email)

Lindsey Cooper – Computer Operator

TBA – Guidance Clerk


                         Introducing the Bulldog Lunch Bunch groups!                                           Presented by the R.J. Murray Middle School School Counseling Department  

The Bulldog Lunch Bunch Groups purpose is to promote academic and behavioral success among its participants.    The Bulldog Lunch Bunch groups are designed to provide a relaxed setting for students to open up and work on social skills, mindfulness, goal setting, problem-solving techniques, conflict resolution strategies along with building teamwork and learning about positive friendship skills without missing out on academic instruction.




                                           THE BULLDOG                            MEETINGS EVERY WEDNESDAY at 1:15pm in ROOM: B475 with Ms. Mayor & Mrs. Gordon.

You matter to our community so come, join and make a difference!   

Motto: Building leaders 

Bulldog Builders Club Motto: Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow


  • To provide opportunities for working together in service to school and community.
  • To develop leadership potential.
  • To foster the development of strong moral character.
  • To encourage loyalty to school, community and nation.

Vision: To develop competent, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service.

Mission: Builders Club is an international student-led organization providing members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.

Core values

  • Character building: The ability to do the right thing, even when it might be the unpopular choice.
  • Leadership: The ability to listen, communicate, serve and guide others.
  • Inclusiveness: Accepting and welcoming differences in other people.
  • Caring: The act of being concerned about or interested in other people or situations.

Pledge: “I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Builders Club. To better my school, my community, my nation, and myself. To aid those in need while enhancing leadership capabilities, and to encourage the fellowship of all mankind.”

   The Bulldog Builders Club and Bulldog Lunch Bunch Groups are proudly supported by

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________            GIRL EMPOWERMENT at MURRAY (G.E.M.)

Generation WOW exposes girls to the positive and the possible and is about creating opportunities that help build the future leaders of the world by connecting them to the leaders of today. Focused on self-confidence, independence, healthy living, leadership, service and mentorship, the goal of Generation WOW is to provide a trusted and inspiring experience that will forge relationships, inspire dreams, and deliver results that enhance lives. 

                WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and Possible is jam-packed with letters, activities, and no-nonsense advice that celebrates the connection of the WOW of girls and the WISDOM of women. Creating a world where the leaders of today help shape and inspire the leaders of tomorrow is what WOWsdom! is all about.

                                                              GIRL EMPOWERMENT at MURRAY                             G.E.M. is an exciting new program here at Murray Middle School. Starting in December we will be starting this monthly girls empowerment lunch program in collaboration with our sponsor, Hugs Across the County!   In today’s society, girls inundated with messages from social media, television, and society to be perfect, but not to be brave. We want to provide two groups of young women an opportunity to be part of the “GEM (Girl Empowerment at Murray)” program.

Each month, until the end of the school year G.E.M. girls will participate in a large group setting to discuss a variety of topics; such as, barriers to success, overcoming challenges, seeking help, finding your identity, and so forth. They will have guest speakers, lunch, and participate in an engaging and meaningful activity.

All G.E.M. girls will be receiving their own book! Thank you!!

G.E.M. with special guest speakers from the Betty Griffin House 2.27.19 after learning more about healthy relationships and boundaries. <3

G.E.M. with special guest speakers from the Betty Griffin House 2.27.19 after learning more about healthy relationships and boundaries. <3

G.E.M. with special guest speakers from the Betty Griffin House 2.27.19 after learning more about healthy relationships and boundaries. <3