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6th Grade (Click here for the team page)
Math: Manucy      Science:
Baker       World History:  Patronska     ELA: Williams    Reading: Gallie                    
Math: Stohler   Science: Birbal    World History:  Matthews      ELA: Tassopoulos
7th Grade (Click here for the team page)
Baker    Science:          Civics: Kypriss     ELA:  Mast    ELA: Van Wicklen                                                       Math: Etheridge     Science: Holton   Civics:  Bell    ELA: Stanborough
8th Grade (Click here for the team page)
Math: Kelley     Science:  Elmore       US History: Chitty       ELA: Kromphardt                                                              Math:  Brailsford   Science:  Haynes   US History: Moretta   ELA: Castleberry
 SJCCA  Electives     SJCCA Page
Banton           Band:  Bond       Dance: Burkhardt          Drama:  Nance    
    Chorus:  Mechoso                            Tech/Graphic Arts:  Paone    
Other Electives     PE: Dunham / TBA     World Language: TBA      Bulldog College Prep: Keating    Computers/Research: Pettit   Gifted Consultative Teacher – Jaclyn Racano