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SJCCA Theatre Department

Our curriculum has a strong emphasis on performance and skill building for students at all levels.  Additionally,  our curriculum is infused with studies in dramatic literature, theatre history, design and technical theatre.    Activities and events range from small self-written and produced 10 minute fairy tale plays in Theatre 1 to full Musical Theatre productions on various stages including the St. Augustine Amphitheatre. Every child in every performance class has an opportunity to perform at some point in the school year.   We are highly active in Florida Jr Thespians as proud members of Troupe 88467.

Why I Teach Theatre:

Arts Education is vital for every child: to enhance critical thinking skills, expression of ideas, creative problem-solving and personal exploration. It is a vital component for a productive and compassionate society.  But  even more so,  it is essential for the Arts oriented child to have a place and the opportunity to explore, understand, and evolve their creativity then find a way to properly express it in a safe,  supportive environment,  where they will be challenged to do their best.

Audition Requirements

The SJCCA middle school theatre program is designed to develop fundamental skills in the student actor through physical and vocal training, improvisation, the study of plays and their structure, musical theatre and play production. In addition to classroom experiences, students attend thespian festivals, drama workshops, special performances and outstanding theatrical productions.

For Beginning students with very limited or no performance experience we will hold a workshop session to assess their ability and attitude for proper placement.

Students with performance experience are encouraged to prepare a monologue and do a true audition.

The Theatre audition will consist of:

  1. Monologue – Performing a self-introduced, memorized monologue (1-2 minutes in length).
  2. Interview – A discussion between the student and Arts Area teacher to help determine the student’s level of artistic discipline, interest and suitability for the program.

Audition Tips

As the monologue is being prepared, it is important to note that this should not be a scene for 2 or more people.  Monologues are one person scenes.  It is also ill-advised to use a poem, song or a selection written by the student. The monologue should come from a published play or a book of monologues. Monologue books can be obtained from the library, bookstores, the internet or your school drama teacher, if applicable. Be certain your monologue is age appropriate.  The best choice of monologue will give the student the chance to display their ability to create characterization and to move comfortably on stage.


9:00-9:55am Beginner Workshop

10:00-10:55am Beginner Workshop

12:00pm-3:00pm (or until complete) Intermediate/Advanced actor auditions