R. J. Murray Faculty and Staff

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Staff Member Position
Ms. Anderson School secretary
Mr. Baker 6th grade science
Ms. Baker 7th grade math
Ms. Banton Visual Arts
Ms. Barrett ESE
Ms. Bell 7th grade civics
Ms. Birbal 6th grade science
Mr. Bond Band
Mr. Boyd ESE
Ms. Brailsford 8th grade math
Mr. Brown Principal
Ms. Brown School Nurse
Dep. Brush School Resource Officer
Ms. Burkhardt Dance
Mr. Butler Mental Health Counselor
Ms. Chitty 8th grade US history
Ms. Clark Physical Education
Ms. Cooper Computer operator
Ms. Digennaro World language
Mr. Dunham Physical Education
Ms. Elmore 8th grade science
Ms. Etheridge 7th grade math
Ms. Farmer ESE
Ms. Fultz
Executive Secretary/Bookkeeper
Ms. Gallie 8th grade ELA
Ms. Gordon Guidance students last name A-M
Ms. Guthrie Media clerk/Volunteer Coordinator
Mr. Haynes 8th grade science
Ms. Hertz 6th Grade ESE support math
Ms. Hinds Instructional Literacy Coach
Ms. Holton 7th grade science
Mr. Hyland ESE paraprofessional
Mr. Keating AVID
Ms. Kelley 8th grade math
Mr. Kirsimagi ESE
Ms. Kypriss 7th grade civics
Ms. Larson Speech therapist
Ms. Manias ESE
Ms. Manucy 6th Grade Math
Mr. Mast 7th grade language arts
Mr. Matthews
6th grade world history
Ms. Mayor Guidance students last name N-Z
Mr. McMillian ESE Paraprofessional
Mr. Mechoso Chorus
Ms. Messenger Testing Coordinator
Ms. Mierzwinski Instructional Literacy Coach
Mr. Moretta 8th grade US history
Ms. Moretti ESE Paraprofessional
Mr. Morrill ESE
Ms. Nance Drama
Ms. Oston ESE paraprofessional
Mr. Paone Technology education
Ms. Patronska 6th grade world history
Mr. Pelletier Maintenance coordinator
Mr. Pettit Computer Skills
Ms. Racano Gifted Consultative Teacher
Mr. Robinson ESE
Ms. Rollins ESE
Ms. Rynning ESE
Ms. Sanks ESE paraprofessional
Dr. Seward Assistant Principal
Ms. Souter 8th grade language arts
Ms. Stanborough 7th grade language arts
Ms. Stinson Media specialist
Mr. Stohler 6th grade math
Ms. Tassopoulos 6th grade language arts
Ms. Torregrosa
Ms. Van Wicklen
7th grade language arts
Mr. Vaughn 8th grade intensive reading
Ms. B. Williams Cafeteria manager
Ms. H. Williams 6th grade language arts
Mr. Wuellner Dean
Ms. Zakaria Guidance clerk