Cambridge Registration Page

Cambridge Advanced Studies

The Cambridge Advanced Studies Program requires dedication, perseverance, great time management and organizational skills in order to be successful.

We will determine eligibility of students based on teacher recommendations and students 2018-2019 FSA scores.  Since acceptance into the Cambridge Program of Studies is partially determined by the FSA scores which do not arrive in the district until early June, students will be notified in June 2019 if they have been accepted.

This year students need not apply to the Cambridge program.  Students will be placed based on the above criteria and a letter will be sent home in June.  Parents of students who do not wish to participate in the program or who wish appeal the placement decision will have the opportunity to do so in June.

Below is the criteria teachers use to determine recommendations and the FSA scores which are looked at for the Cambridge Program. 

  • A student who has an A or B in their Current Advanced/Cambridge class and receives a Level 4 or 5 on the FSA Reading and Math assessments.
  • A student who receives A’s and B’s in standard classes with strong work ethic and desire to achieve and a Level 4 or 5 on the FSA Reading and Math assessments.
  • Students may have the option of being in a blended Cambridge Program, based on test scores and teacher recommendations.

Please contact your child’s teachers with questions regarding their recommendations.  Murray is very proud of the rigorous academic program and we look forward to your child joining us for a successful 2019-2020 School year!

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