St. Johns Middle School Athletic Association(SJMSAA) Golf is currently welcoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade students (Boys & Girls), regardless of skill level, in joining the middle school golf program this 2018 season.  All skill levels are welcomed and golfers will be positioned for developmental or competition team after tryouts/assessments by the coaches at St. Augustine Shores Golf Club.   All student athletes will have access to golf instructions, practice, and course play.  We are much in need of volunteers to assist coaches or as marshals for course play.   Also, if you or child know of any private or home-schooled middle school students, please know that they are also welcomed to join.

Tryout dates:  Tues. Feb 6th & Thurs. Feb 8th
Times:  starting at 3:30pm
Location:  St. Augustine Shores Golf Club (707 Shores Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32086)
Open to:  Students of Gamble, Murray, Sebastian middle schools as wells as private and home schooled middle-school students in the southern part of the county.

WHERE TO REGISTER:    register online at

Developmental Team:
SJMSAA provides developmental golfing opportunity to middle school students.  Any player who’s just beginning or is not tournament ready will still be a full member of the team, participate in practice and compete with same team or opposing team players of comparable skill levels. Developmental players will play various formats from scramble, shamble, stroke to match play…whatever works best for their skill level and the pace of play.  Paramount to us is helping foster in our golfers the an understanding of golf fundamentals through instruction, practice and course play to allow them to quickly improve their skills while learning the etiquette of the game.

Competition Team:
Tryouts will help determine if there are enough players to form a competition team.  We will seek to pair these competition players with another school’s competition team in the District for tournament play.  They may still be able to make their practices at SASGC but compete at various different courses in tournament play….much depends on the number of players who qualify and available marshals. During the season the matches allow 12 players from each school to compete and this is broken up into individual matches and a couple of “Shamble” teams.  A shamble team is two players who are paired together and each person tees off and they pick the best drive.  Once they pick the best drive they play their own ball through the hole and take the best score of the two.  For example, one player makes a 6 and the other makes a 5 the team score for that hole is 5.   Matches will begin week of March 11th and most, not all, will be on Wednesdays (early release day).

All registered players will have the opportunity to garner additional “free” practice/course time at SASGC throughout the week with an accompanying adult (more on this at practice).

For additional questions regarding scheduled tryout and practices or registration, please contact me, John Burkhardt, via phone call or text to 904.540.0684 or contact Murray Middle School Athletic Director Darick Dunham.

Financial Assistance from SJMSAA is available.  Contact golf commissioner Matthew Stohler at [email protected] regarding any requests for financial assistance or online registration assistance.

Thank you for your support of youth golf.
John Burkhardt


[email protected]